Who We Are

We educate and empower children and young adults using proven methods and training protocol

Our staff at Survival Solutions 4 Kids is committed to developing a long term working relationship with our families and their children by providing top quality service in our areas of specialty. Bullying, terrorism, criminal activity, and workplace violence for adults are all on the rise. In today’s society these worries are becoming even more concerning. We all need to learn how to protect ourselves and families from these increasing threats.

About Eric

Building confidence and courage

“I would like to thank all my instructors who have played an important role in my martial arts  development and those who have shared their knowledge and experience with me. My deepest thanks, gratitude and respect to everyone.” Eric Aragon

Eric began martial arts training when he was only six years old. He received his black belt in traditional Japanese karate after many years of dedicated training. Years later he had the privilege of training with four of the original students of the late Bruce Lee.